I'm a 20 year old girl who just needs some reassurance that she's not the only one imploding because Harry Styles. My interests include philosophizing about the wonders of Louis' butt.
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harry strolls along the streets of LA, adjusting his headscarf and thinking about fruit flies when a white lamborghini catches his eye. it rolls to a slow stop beside him and the window glides down, revealing a chipper looking liam inside. “fancy seeing you he- where are you…




obama means family

no it doesnt

obama means nobody gets left behind


Planned Parenthood does not abort babies. Babies are sentient beings that exist outside of the woman’s body. What Planned Parenthood aborts is non-sentient, unfeeling, underdeveloped clumps of cells. Using incorrect vocabulary to emotionally manipulate women who are already considering making arguably the most difficult decision of their life is disgusting and inhumane.
Or perhaps you’re truly ignorant as to what the abortive process entails, in which case I’d recommend doing some research before making bold, inaccurate assumptions into judgmental, hate-mongering propaganda.
Anonymous: Your post about anti-Larry shippers sounds exactly like Larry shippers as well. You all track the Elounor tag, find something with a bit of a flaw and attack them, but posts that are obviously true, and proven, (Like the fact that Eleanor and Louis are dating) you ignore or have some shit excuse like "He doesn't look happy with her" (While himself and his girlfriend are being swarmed by fans and paparazzi yelling not so nice things). Look at how you act before judging!


Since allllllll Larry shippers just loooooooove to point out flaws, according to you, allow me? Thanks. 

Your first flaw: going on anon. Fucking pussy. 

Your second flaw: Not all Larry shippers track the Elounor tag. I could care less about the Elounor. I don’t look through, I rarely post in it, I could care less about Elounor, the Elounor tag, or Elounor shippers. Literally, my life goes by just fine without seeing that dumb shit. Lol. Okay? Okay. 

Your third flaw: “Like the fact that Eleanor and Louis are dating” a’ight. What is there to prove that? Louis said so? Ahem, you know what else he said? “I hate tattoos.” You know what else he said? “I don’t smoke.” You know what else he said? “Harry’s on a whole new level of charmer.” You know what else he said? The first romantic meal he ever cooked was the one he cooked for Harry. 

If Elounor was real, why do they have photoshopped pics? If Elounor was real, why don’t they know their anniversary? I mean, girls usually pay attention to that stuff, right? Why does Louis remember the exact day he met Harry, the exact conversation he had with him? Why does Louis have matching tattoos with his just-friend dude pal bro Harry? 

You could go on and on and on about how all of the boys minus Niall have matching tattoos. I get that, I know that, okay. But tell me, do all of the boys have a matching ship and compass? The first words they said to each other? Birds with EYEBROWS? That just conveniently match their own? Anchor and a rope? I Can’t Change with ” ” in the spot where they should be on Harry’s wrist? A heart and a spear/arrow? A birdcage and free birds? 

Look. Matching tattoos aren’t all that we have. But the matching tattoos are just too great, I’m sorry. I had to. 

Explain to me why, if Louis and Harry weren’t together, Harry would come outside crying - to the point where he had to be given sunglasses just to try to hide it - and Eleanor and Louis posed for a picture FOR MODEST! EMPLOYEES, and then Eleanor left without even saying goodbye. Why would Harry completely ignore Louis after she’d left? I mean, that’s a little weird, don’t you think. 

Explain to me how Louis and Eleanor supposedly go on “secret holidays” but there are articles written about these holidays anyway. I mean, Louis knows how to be sneaky, right? But he has to take front exits while his “girlfriend” hangs off his arm, right? He has to make sure everybody sees her! I mean, SHE HAS A VAGINA SO CLEARLY THAT’S WHERE HIS DICK GOES RIGHT?! 

Funny how Louis and Eleanor go on these “secret holidays” and everybody ends up finding out about it, but Louis and Harry conveniently go MIA on the same days and then reappear on the same days, and no one knows where the fuck they were. I mean, Louis’ soooo secretive with his girlfriend that everyone who wakes up in the morning knows where he supposedly was with her, while nobody knows where he and his former-best-friend-dude-pal were at for days on end. 

Let’s not forget how nobody has a matching story on just HOW Louis and Eleanor met. Nor when her birthday is. 

Let’s not forget how Louis can laugh and act completely uninterested when Eleanor is brought up (such as “Where’s your girlfriend?” “I don’t know, she’s disappeared!” while grinning like an idiot) but the second Harry goes missing or Harry is brought up in an interview, he’s all ears. He’s concerned, interested, wants to know what’s going on. 

Let’s also not forget that around the “paparazzi screaming not so nice things to them” Louis and Eleanor make sure they’re close together or are at least holding hands. Let’s throw in the fact that 9 times out of 10 one of them is usually dragging the other around like they’re a small child who doesn’t want to go with their mommy to the store. 

I could mention how Eleanor acts all flirty with the head of Modest! Management but can’t be bothered to even spare her “boyfriend” a glance when they’re in the same room together. Every video of her that I’ve seen (fan videos of her with Louis, videos of her on planes with the boys, when she randomly showed up during 1D Day, etc.) she’s paying attention to everyone else but Louis. I mean, honestly? If I was dating Louis fucking Tomlinson, I’d be on that dick 24/7. Honestly. 

You could talk about all the times Eleanor’s been “flirty” with Louis, but I’d just like to point out that every time that has happened there has been paparazzi around. There has been fans around. Someone has been around, close enough to get HQ pictures of the “flirting” so you can’t tell me that they “didn’t know anyone was watching.” When you’re in the middle of the street and you’re hooking your fingers in someone’s pants long enough for a few paps to get a few shots and then you’re leaving, um, hello? Okay then. That’s just like Sophia and Liam outside the club that one night, lmfao. Awkwarddddddd. 

I could once again bring up the fact that Louis and Eleanor have never once been spotted at romantic restaurants together. No fans have said they’ve seen them, no restaurant employees have come forward saying that yes, Louis did have a date with Eleanor. Oh, but guess who WAS confirmed as having a quiet, romantic dinner, just the two of them? Louis and Harry, you guessed it! Wow, for former-best friends who hate each other they can share a romantic dinner together? That takes talent, I don’t know about you, man! 

While I’m sure the paparazzi could play a big part in why Louis and Eleanor look upset together a lot of the time, we could talk about their trips to France. Where paparazzi are forbidden but are ALWAYS called in. And every time, they still look bored out of their minds. Sure, there’s a few pictures of them goofing off together, but I mean who the hell wants to have a boring trip with someone? I wouldn’t! And again, if I was going to France with Louis Tomlinson you can bet your ass that I would be all over him any chance I got. But that’s just me! 

Personal photos, let’s talk about that. As we know, there is the glorious bikini/beach photo of them that is heavily photoshopped. I love it. It’s the best fuck up of the 21st century, you feel me? Let’s talk about other personal photos - aka look at his eyes not his smile. Because you Elounor shippers seem to ignore the fact that emotion is portrayed best through eyes and smiles are faked every fucking day by every fucking person on this fucking planet. 




I’d also like to point out that every single one of these photos is an exact fucking replica - I mean practically carbon copied - to photos I took with my male friends back when I was in the eighth grade????? These aren’t couple photos - these are friend photos? 

I’d just like to point out another thing about their personal photos. Your guys’ favorite photo ever!!!1!1!!!1!11 aka the heavily photoshopped bikini photo is an EXACT REPLICA of another photo of Louis and Eleanor that was taken of them? image


I’m sure you’ll find someway to put that up for debate, and I don’t entirely believe it myself, but hey. Now you’ve seen it. 

If you’re in a relationship with somebody for real, you don’t NEED photoshopped pictures. You don’t NEED to kiss for paps. You don’t NEED to have articles written about you every week that portray you out to be madly in love when there has been absolutely no interaction between the two of you for weeks/months on end. 

I could mention the fact that Eleanor is definitely hooked to Management? Like, why else would they have access to her account? Why else would they continuously fuck up with her, Louis’, and Johannah’s account all the fucking time? I mean, for real. 

Also, if she’s supposedly Louis’ girlfriend, don’t you think she’d have more respect than she has? I mean, she has to know that Louis has millions of fans that are overweight/have insecurities about their weight. But she still posted that link laughing at a fat girl dancing? Okayyyyy. 

I could mention the fact that Louis went weeks without seeing her during UAN but he and Harry had hickeys all the time, and admitted to giving them to each other. And yeah, they admitted to giving hickeys to all the boys, but I have yet to see Louis or Harry get as possessive over one of the other boys as they get with each other. 

Also, are you just totally disregarding every tweet between Louis and Harry during 2011? Are you disregarding the fact that Harry bought his own house - so he “wouldn’t have to live with Louis anymore” - and doesn’t even live there? Trust me, I would know! Even when he’s in the UK, he’s never there. Girls stand outside that house 24/7 - camp out in fucking tents and under umbrellas - and he never shows. He never HAS shown up, except for a total of three times, if that. 

What about the pictures of Louis and Harry that were taken before that award show? (I can’t remember what show it was so if anyone knows, please let me know!) I mean, convenient height difference? Convenient background matching one of the rooms that we know is in Louis’ house? Man, oh man, I just loooooove coincidences. 

But nah, you’re right man. Eleanor totally loves Louis. She totally supports him in everything he does, even though she looks bored at his concerts, at his football games. She can’t be bothered to come out and cheer him on. She can’t be bothered to do much else but stand around on her cellphone. I mean, clearly that’s a girl who supports her boyfriend through thick and thin, right? 

Right. I would love to have a relationship like that. You’re totally right! Silly me! Haha! ;) xx




when people tell me to just get over one direction 




today is bisexual awareness day. be aware of bisexuals. they are out there, and they are dangerous.

#*comes out of the shadows rhythmically snapping*